The Floren Varsity House has been made possible through the leadership gift of Douglas C. Floren ’63 and his family, as well as the support of many other members of the Dartmouth family whose generosity has made possible a facility that is second to none in the Ivy League and beyond. The state-of-the-art Floren Varsity Strength Center is 10,000 square feet and features 18 racks and platforms.

At Dartmouth we ensure that no aspect of our Football Team’s development is overlooked. Dartmouth Strength & Conditioning is the foundation for our athletic department’s vision of creating comprehensive excellence and developing leaders for life. The mission of the football strength & conditioning staff is to maximize individual potential by improving all athletic components and reducing the risk of injury using scientifically based methods year round. The training protocol and atmosphere will ensure that each football player at Dartmouth is physically and mentally prepared to meet the demands of the sport. We are dedicated to our student-athletes developing a relentless work ethic and preparing to be a champion.