Most classes at Dartmouth are relatively small, and the faculty are very accessible and responsive. Also, there are tutors available to give me the tools I need to succeed in the classroom.

Will McNamara ’16, Linebacker

Ranked #1 in APR for the fourth straight year.

Student-faculty ratio of 8:1.

Ranked #1 in Academic Progress Rate for the fourth consecutive year, Dartmouth College is widely recognized for its commitment to undergraduate education. With a student-faculty ratio of 8:1, Dartmouth provides students the unique opportunity to know their professors as instructors, mentors, colleagues, and friends.

It’s important to find a professor you feel connected to. [Professor Scott] has a good respect for athletes and had a nephew who was a Dartmouth football player so he understands juggling the time commitments is very difficult. He’s been great getting all my major stuff worked out and writing me a recommendation for a scholarship. I feel very lucky with Professor Scott.

Will McNamara ’16, Linebacker